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We recognize that not every kitchen is built the same. That’s why we offer 6 different kitchen packages designed to fit kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

Whether your kitchen is small, large, open and airy, or enclosed, we have a kitchen package that will provide you with the eye-appeal, storage capacity, and functionality that you deserve.

The kitchen packages part of this website are for demonstration purposes only. To use this just look at the different floor plans and pick the one that looks most like your kitchen from a top view. The prices exclude flooring, lighting, appliances and any permits that may be needed.

The main differences between the good, better and best kitchen remodel is the cost and quality products used and accessories installed. All of our cabinetry is made in America. We don’t sell or recommend the use of the import, put it together yourself cabinets from China, this product would be only a short term solution for your cabinetry needs. This kind of cabinetry is mainly used by companies that are flipping homes. The granite we use is custom slab, which reduces seams and allows for more front edge choices. We don’t use the import pieces that come in pre-determined sizes that are usually installed using a hand held saw.