Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most worthwhile investments a homeowner can make. While most people tend to dwell on the type of stove or the location of an island when planning a kitchen remodeling, kitchen cabinets should be given its fair share of thought.

When going over your choices for kitchen cabinets with an expert in kitchen designs in Sacramento, carefully consider the following aspects:

Wood is still the most popular material for kitchen cabinets in Sacramento. Many custom cabinet manufacturers, such as Mike Loomis Kitchen and Bath Design, offer clients a wide array of wood to choose from. Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Hickory are some of the more popular choices for kitchen cabinet material because of their visual appeal and durability.

Door Style
Choosing the right door style can easily complete the look (traditional, modern, etc.) of a kitchen. Many kitchen cabinet makers offer clients a diverse set of door styles to choose from, with arch, cathedral, square, and slab cabinet doors being the more popular choices.

Door Mounting
According to Jennifer Noonan, who writes for, door mounting options should be given a lot of thought before purchasing a cabinet. She says:

There are many mounting options for cabinet doors, the most common being overlay, where the door lays over the cabinet case. Regular overlay allows the face frame to be seen around the doors, whereas full overlay mounting fits doors closely together, hiding the cabinet case behind. Inset doors are less common, with the doors being installed flush inside the frame.

Resale Value
Lastly, always consider the resale value of kitchen cabinets. Cabinets are the most eye-catching component of a kitchen. With this in mind, try to avoid choosing cabinets based on current market trends, especially if you plan to sell your home in the future, as they tend to become outdated quickly. Outdated cabinets can easily deter prospective buyers because of the cost of replacing them.

Kitchen cabinets, whether pre-made or customized, can either boost a kitchen renovation or ruin the overall effect. Thus, before choosing a cabinet for your new kitchen, consider the aspects mentioned above.

(Article Excerpt and Image from: Top Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets, Bob Vila)