From a peaceful retreat to an escape for relaxing entertainment, the bathroom has gone far beyond its original practical purpose. As you look to remodel and transform the look of your bathroom, you may want to consider the following four new trends that will enhance its look and functionality.

1. Vertical Storage

Open space is an essential component to the relaxing bathroom environment that you want. However, having adequate storage space is also necessary to avoid clutter. In order to get the best of both worlds, more people are opting for vertical storage options in their bathroom.

This style of cabinetry is the ultimate in efficiency, as it allows you to get the storage space you need while maximizing your overall floor space. Not only will you have more space, but you’ll have easier access to your items.

Whether your bathroom is large or small in size, vertical storage allows you to enjoy more open space, thus making your bathroom look larger than it actually is.

2. Multiple Vanities

This trend certainly isn’t new, but it’s definitely on its way back. More homeowners are asking for his or her sinks than ever before. With multiple vanities, each individual can personalize their own bathroom space.

Multiple vanities are perfect for those with large bathrooms where more than one person may need access to the bathroom at the same time. They allow for each individual to have their own private space and storage.

One new trend with dual or multiple vanities is that homeowners are opting for different styled sinks for each vanity. This trend helps to provide a unique touch, and to further personalize each space in the bathroom.

3. High Quality Tiles

While the cabinetry is often considered the most important element to the look of the bathroom, the tiling is not far behind. As more homeowners look to establish a relaxing ambience and a stylish look to their bathrooms, tiling is becoming an even larger focus during the remodel process.

No longer are homeowners opting for linoleum or glazed tiles. Instead, they are choosing porcelain or stone tiles to give the bathroom an appearance of added warmth. This style of tiling is more visually appealing than linoleum or glazed tiles, and does not cost nearly as much as imported marble.

4. Entertainment Items

One particularly interesting trend that seems to be catching on is the idea of turning the bathroom into an entertainment area of sorts. Magazines are being replaced with small flat screen TVs, as the bathroom almost becomes an extension of the den.

With the installation of small TVs on the walls or in the mirror, it gives your family something to do while they take a bath in the tub. In some bathrooms, the TVs are located in such a way that they aren’t seen unless they are turned on. That gives them an inconspicuous look and still maintains the idea of the bathroom as a relaxing getaway for those that have no interest in watching TV.