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Finding Your Style

What is your style…traditional, trendy, romantic or contemporary? Perhaps you like a country feel or cottage charm, but what colors blend with specific decors? We can help you find the answers to these questions and more. We’ve compiled information on trends, traditions and colors with lots of inspiring pictures and ideas. Deciding is the challenging part.


Look about you. The space you are envisioning might be one remembered from a book or magazine. You may have seen it on the web. Perhaps a friend has the perfect space that you admire. Maybe it is a composite of different kitchens. A picture is worth a thousand words, so collect illustrations and pictures using readily available resources like magazines and web sites. All your pictures combined will point to your definite style.

Style Basics

Many design elements blend to create a room’s look—cabinetry door style, wall finishes, window treatments and more. Accessories play an important role as well. Bringing these elements together well will determine what décor category is best for your style and desires.


Your style decision is equally as important as your color selections—they work hand-in-hand to finish your décor. Color plays an important role in creating or stylizing a mood, statement or feeling and helps to create the essence of any space. One color in many tints, shades and hues can create a striking, unique look—it can be cool and dramatic or warm and inviting.

Analogous color Scheme

The analogous color scheme combines colors closest to each other on the color wheel for a casual atmosphere.

Complementary Color Scheme

The complementary color scheme uses shades of opposing colors on the color wheel for a traditional, balanced feel.

Split Complementary Color Scheme

The split complementary color scheme uses any three adjacent colors plus a complementary middle hue to add visual interest.

Triad Color Scheme

The triad color scheme uses any three colors centering around the color wheel for balanced variation in your decor.

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